Vaccine Delivery

The development of the new delivery system has increased the hope of patient safety and efficacy of vaccines. A remarkable development in vaccine delivery technologies are observed now-a-days. The reason for developing vaccines as controlled drug delivery system is the failure of Immunization system with conventional immunization regimen that involves prime doses and booster doses. Generally patients neglect the latter doses. On the other hand vaccines delivery systems allow the incorporation of doses of antigens so that the release of antigens occurs slowly in a controlled manner and booster doses are no longer needed. It controls the temporal and spatial presentation of antigens to the immune system to promote their targets straight to the immune cells.


  • Delivery Systems and Formats
  • Systems Vaccinology
  • Monovalent Vaccines
  • Oral Vaccines
  • Intra-nasal Vaccine
  • Transdermal Delivery of Vaccines
  • Routes of Vaccine Delivery System
  • Medical Devices for Vaccine Delivery

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